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Priscilla Wittman 


Stats:  5'6"    1.67 cm

Degrees:  MA Intercultural Communications, University of London, Birkbeck                             BA Music University of Texas at Dallas

                 Spurgeon's Award (Theology and Biblical studies), Spurgeon's College,                   London, UK

Location: Germany/USA

Languages: English, Spanish & German

Willing to travel

Film & Television


8Remains                                              Older Talli                                J-Blockbuster Films/Aquaset Filmworks

Eleanor and Colette                              Serious Nurse                          Elsani Films/Bille August Director

Edda Tudor                                           Mother                                      Grace Denker Productions

36 Husbands                                         Wedding Spy Officiate             Bright Blue Gorilla/Glover/Rosenkrantz

Providence                                            Funeral Mourner                      FaithFlixFilms/S. Wilharm

Sinjar: Valley of the Shadow                 Chicken Lady                           Amor Domini Productions

​Mr. Rodolpho's Jubilee                          our group leader                      Bright Blue Gorilla/Glover/Rosenkrantz

Mann Sieber    (TV Series)                   Refugee                                    ZDF /ITV Warner Brothers

Heute Show    (TV Series)                    Schoolteacher                          ZDF/Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen

Kid’sTime (TV Series)                           Biblical characters (multiple)    3ABN/Brenda Walsh

Billy Bob Joe                                         Professor Clodenburg              Pogie Joe Productions

Planting Seeds (short)                          Mary Phillips                             Pimpllc/Joshua Porter Director

Blood Ties (short)                                 Jane Chamberlain                    Josh TI Herald/C.Bradford

Jaazz                                                    Mother                                      Mauritias Films

Difficulty at the Doorstep (short)           Susanna Schmidt                     Plucky Penguin Pictures/Eva Knoet Director

Bio-Tech Warrior                                   Reporter                                   Chase Regency/ Bret McCormick

Alt Manheim                                         Old Village Woman                   Rabbit Creek Productions

Walker Texas Ranger (TV Series)        Bank Teller/dinner guest           Amadea Film Production

Wishbone   (TV Series)                        Dancing Beast                          Big Feats! Entertainment

Barney & Friends  (TV Series)             Zoo visitor                                 Lyrick Studios

About Towne ICTN TV(multiple)           Reporter/Guest Host                Irving Community Television Network

Roach Man                                           Reporter                                   Brian J. Hardin Director


2010 - present

2010 - present


Blithe Spirit  (pre-production)               Mrs. Bradman               Orange Planet Theatre Company

Dominoes                                             Lyla Fellows                  Noble Willingham Dir.

Little Theatre in Berlin                          Secretary                      Josephine Jenks

Places Everyone                                  Wife                              HPPC ( Dallas)

Celebrate                                             Nanny                           Calvary Temple ( Dallas)

Gilbert & Sullivan Patience                  Maiden                          Bexar Opera (San Antonio)





Fedex Show the World                      Hot sauce tester                          AMV BBDO/London

Ascom Intelligence                            Mother of patient                         Pophunters Film & TV.com

Primagas                                           Business Executive                     Neuartig Film and Media Produktion

Equintus Immobilien                          Real Estate agent                       Düsseldorf, Germany

Dallas Cowboys Promo                     Fortune Teller                              K. Vigurs - Fox 4 Dallas

K-Clinic (Dallas)                                Accident victim(Spanish)             Bass Comm.KFWD-TV52 & 23


(Complete list of industrials provided upon request )  


Training & Workshops

M.A. Intercultural Communications (Nov. 2014)                            University of London/Birkbeck

B.A. Music (voice, composition & piano)                                       University of Texas at Dallas

Commercial & Film acting                                                              Northlake College

Film & Television acting                                                                 David Giella

Film acting                                                                                     Rody Kent

Film and Television acting                                                             Grant James

Voice-in commercials                                                                    Glo Jenkins

Characterization on Film                                                               Jeanne Everton

Voice studies                                                                                 Barbara Chenault Law




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