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Please go to the IMDb link below for a complete filmography:


Lassie - A New Adventure / Henning Ferber Production 2023

Supporting Actress  (In German & Swiss theatres July 27, 2023)

The First 30 Days / Excelsior Studios 2023

Supporting Actress  (Currently in production)

As a second generation American, my background is an interesting mix of Spanish, German and English descent.  I'm fascinated by and enjoy working in period dramas.  Some of the interesting characters I've portrayed over the years include: an Biblical widow, nun, Arabic refugee, doctor, nurse, off the wall professor, therapist, creepy old lady, scorned wife, and a loving mother!  What a combination! 

I love the unusual role, and really enjoy working in a team, whether it be in front of the camera or behind the scenes!  Friendships built on the set often last a lifetime, and I can't begin to tell you all the amazing people I've met and worked with through the years!  

Height: 5”6

Hair Color: Brown

Eyes Color: Medium Brown (contacts on request)


Location: Düsseldorf, Germany/Austin, TX

About Me

Lost in the City / Kalifilm Production 2022

Supporting Actress  (Currently on Amazon Prime)

Sweet Disaster  / Zeitgeist Filmproduktion 2021

Supporting Actress   (Currently on Amazon Prime)

Gestures of Matter / Helen Anna Flannigan 2020

Lead Actress (on permanent exhibition at the M HKA museum, Belgium)

Edda Tudor / Grace Denker Productions 2019

Supporting Actress  (Currently on Amazon Prime)

8 Remains / J-Blockbuster 2018

Lead Actress  (Currently on Netflix Europe)

To be a Soldier / Amor Domini Productions 2018

Supporting Actress  (Available on DVD)

Cool Mum / Mauricias Movies  2017

Lead Actress

Providence / Faithflixfilms 2016

Supporting Actress (Currently on Christian Cinema)

Jaazz / Mauricias Movies 2017

Lead Actress

Billie Bob Joe / Pogie Joe Productions 2015

Supporting Actress

Planting Seeds /  People Inventing MP  2014
Lead Actress


Knight's End / TPT Films 2021

Supporting Actress  - Volanta (pre-production)

Mann, Sieber!  / Eyeworks TV ZDF 2018 


Mann, Sieber!  / Eyeworks TV ZDF 2016


The Heute Show /  Prime Productions ZDF 2018


3ABN Television Network / Brenda Walsh 2015 Kidstime Network

Various Biblical characters including Widow, mother, Taskmaster (Tower of Babel), servant and wheat harvester.


Primagas Energie /Imagefilm 2018

Supporting Actress

Selbsttamponade bei Morbus Osler Universitatsklinikum Essen  2018


Ascom Telligence - Patient Response System 2017

Supporting Actress

Music Videos

Weihnachtsmusizieren mit OB Geisel 2019

Music Arranger

GLÜXKINDER - Liebe Liebt 2017

Supporting Actor

Priscilla Wittman - Te Glorificare 2017


Liam x - Herbst ft. Egon Holz - 2016

Supporting Actor


Blithe Spirit / Orange Planet Theatre 2020

Mrs. Bradman

Long Live the Short Story / Orange Planet Theatre 2020

Narration various characters

Dominoes / Noble Willingham Dir. 1994

Lyla Fellows - Understudy

Training & Workshops

Commercial & Film Acting - Northlake College

Film & Television Acting      David Giella

Film Acting                        Rody Kent

Film and Television Acting   Grant James

Voice in Commercials          Glo Jenkins

Characterization on Film      Jeanne Everton

Vocal studies                      Barbara Chenault Law

Special Skills

Fluent in Spanish and German, Accents/Dialects include British, Eastern European, Hispanic, Northern & Southern USA.  Teleprompter, greenscreen, sailing, snorkeling, & horseback riding.  Also a singer, composer and pianist.

Fed Ex - Show the World 2016

Supporting Actress

Robert Schumann Hochschule - Music Düsseldorf 2015

Supporting Actress

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