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LA Premiere 8 Remains
authority magazine
8 Remains from Netflix
8 Remains /J. Blockbuster
Providence / Faithflixfilms
Elisha and the widow - 3ABN Kidstime
The Tower of Babel - 3ABN Kidstime
On the set of Edda Tudor/Grace Denker Pr
Planting Seeds /Joshua Porter
Cool Mum official film Poster

Critic Bobby LePire on 8 Remains

November 23, 2018

Playing an older Talli, Priscilla Wittman is impressive, suggesting heartbreak and confusion with just a few lines of dialogue.



55 Steps

Edda Tudor behind the scenes

Planting Seeds

The Tower of Babel 

Elisha and the widow

Gestures of Matter

Marie Asner of The Phantom Tollbooth, August 2, 2019, wrote the following : 

Priscilla Wittman as the older Talli gives a moving scene in which she doesn't know her name, and this is reminiscent of Emily Dickinson's famous poem, "I'm Nobody! Who are you?"


Writer and film blogger, Trevor Wells had this to say about Priscilla's performance in 8 Remains: 

...noteworthy side performances include...Priscilla Wittman as a character I won't name to avoid spoilers.

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